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Captain's Quarters

Welcome aboard "The Captain's Quarters," where tranquility meets the tides. Nestled by the water's edge, this charming 2 bedroom guest house invites you to unwind in nautical elegance. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets, a stroll to the water, savor the coastal breeze, and relish the serenity of a stay designed for maritime bliss. Your escape awaits!

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Kinsale, Virginia offers a peaceful and scenic coastal destination rich in history and maritime heritage. Visitors can explore the Kinsale Museum or take a scenic boat tour of the Potomac River. Local and regional restaurants specialize in fresh seafood and farm-to-table dishes.

All guests also receive a 10% discount on any food purchased at the historical Kinsale Market next door.

Guest are invited to join in the pool and fun at the Slips Marina next door.

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